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Create and share multiple cardsonas for work, volunteering, hobbies, and more. Unique & engaging cyber-cards for each of your diverse personas and personal interests.

Organize your connections into like minded groups by sorting their cardsonas based on the shared interests that connect you in the real world. Grow your interests groups over time!

Easily share your cardsona via email, text, or QR. Share your connections' cardsonas the same way, making it easier for common interest groups to communicate and expand through effective networking using the Cardsona app.

Cardsona features real-time updating. Any change of information that you make is updated instantly for all users who have your cardsona. Everything is on the cloud, so the connections you make always have an up-to-date cardsona.

Download Free
Download Free

Why Cardsona?

Cardsona is a networking app that focuses on helping people with common interests, such as professionals (blue and white collar), volunteers, hobbyists, and activists, make sustaining connections. It is free and available for iOS and Android. With Cardsona, users can quickly create and share cardsonas (personalized cyber-cards) for whatever recreational and professional interests fit into their busy lifestyle. Cardsonas are easily shared via email, text, or QR code.  Once a cardsona is shared, users are able to organize their connections’ cardsonas into groups based on the shared interests that connect them in the real world. Cardsonas also feature instant updating. If you change any of the information on your cardsona, it is updated instantly for everyone you have shared it with. Everything is on the cloud,   so there is never an out-of-date card. The Cardsona app and platform ensures that your privacy is safe through a highly secure cloud foundation.

Cardsona aims to help professionals, volunteers, hobbyists, and all other common interest groups communicate and expand through effective networking using the Cardsona app. When people meet because of shared passions and interests, sustaining connections help them fulfill their goals. Playing a part in that journey is the true purpose of Cardsona. Cardsona is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is proudly made in the USA.

Friday Feature

Friday Feature is a bulletin offered to Cardsona users to broadcast their cardsonas through Cardsona's social medias and website. Simply share to [email protected].com a picture relating to your organization or cause, along with a link to your cardsona to be considered for Friday Feature.

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Friday Features

Cardsona would like to give you 500 free (physical, real world) business cards. Simply sign up on Cardsona and share with us your cardsona QR. Your business cards will contain the information you provided on your cardsona, along with your cardsona QR and Cardsona's download QR on the back. You can submit your cardsona QR here.

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