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"Networking Your Many Passions Smartly"

About Cardsona

Organize your contacts into like-minded groups by managing your contacts based on the shared interests that connect you in the real world. Grow your interest groups over time.

Create and share Cardsonas for work, volunteering, hobbies, and more. Unique cards for each of your diverse personas. Quickly create engaging, personalized digital Cardsonas that perfectly suit your busy lifestyle and personal interests. Easily share your Cardsonas via email, text, or QR code.

When any of the information on your Cardsonas change, it is updated instantly. Everything is on the cloud, so your connections never have an out of date Cardsona. The Cardsona app and platform ensures that your privacy is safe through a highly secure cloud foundation.

Create a Cardsona for your career. Never be without your card and miss out on that important lead.

Share Cardsonas about that important cause you devote yourself to. Easily reaching others so they can learn more about its purpose and goals.

Create Cardsonas to connect with others that share the same passions that you do. Share social media handles and gamer tags for hobbies and lifestyles you are a part of.

So download the free app to create Cardsonas for each of your interests and pursuits and start sharing.

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