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So download the free app to create cards for each of your interests and pursuits and start sharing.


Tips and Resources


Download: Cardsona QR flyer Template 2.pdf

QR flyer Template LandPDF

Download: Cardsona QR Flyer Template 1.pdf

Cardsona downloadable QR

Download: Cardsona QR Download.pdf

  • Be sure to watch the explainer videos on our social medias that are easily accessed by tapping the platforms above.
  • When adding the preset social medias to your card, you just need to add your unique alias/handle/tag. The platform web address is already preloaded. For instance:

   Instagram: Cardsona.app

   Twitter: @Cardsona

   Facebook: Cardsona

  • If you are sharing using the text option, and it is iMessage to iMessage, links will not be active unless the receiver adds the sender to contacts or replies back. This is an Apple iMessage security filter.
  • When you share your card to someone who doesn’t download Cardsona, your basic information such as your name, organization, phone number, and email are still shared through whichever channel you used to share your card.
  • Sharing your card using the “More…” option allows you to share your card to your social medias along with a multitude of other options provided by your phone.
  • Some smartphone cameras do not come with a built in QR scanner. When you go to Connections, in the upper right corner, there is a "+" button, tap the "+" button and it gives you the option to scan Cardsona card QRs in the Cardsona app.
  • You can share the card of one of your connections as simply as sharing your own card. Go to the connection's card you want to share, and then tap the the share icon in the upper right corner. The share options will appear the same as when you share your own card.
  • Note feature. Tap on a connection, and in the upper right corner is a note icon. Tapping the note icon opens a notes page for that particular connection.